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The month of August generally marks the onset of schools re-opening and prepping up for the new academic year ahead. A pencil case seemingly symbolizes to be the least of your worries as a parent at this time, however in truth it is one of the most vital & basic support system to equip your child with, as it faithfully withstands pressures of all kinds. From being stuffed & tossed into a school bag upon hearing the last school bell to mischievously clonking a fellow classmate’s head with it, a pencil case truly endures a turbulent ride in a student’s life! If anything, choosing the right pencil case is one of the most important stationery decisions you will ever take as a parent. Not only is it a space for you to keep your pens, pencils and other stationery items safe, it is also going to be the main feature of your desk all through the academic session.

If truth be told, the utilization of a good pencil case has a number of benefits to offer. To begin with, it makes for an orderly backpack, while ensuring that the supplies packed within it remain in good condition. However, you need to decide which pencil case would work best for you at school. There really aren’t any rights and wrongs here. But there are certain elements that would help you pick the right pencil case for yourself. These include:

Its size

When considering the size of the pencil case, you also need to consider the writing utensils that you will need to take to school. Do you need just a few pens, or do you require pencils, highlighters, pens and color pencils too? Choose a size accordingly.

Its Material

There are multiple options available in this regard from soft and squishy ones to sturdy wooden ones. Remember, while wooden boxes tend to last longer, it is easier for them to get contaminated with bacteria. For kids, soft and squishy pencil cases that are regularly cleaned out are the right choice.

Its Style

There is literally no need for pencil cases to be dull and boring. With so many options to choose from, you can easily pick the craziest and funniest ones as per your liking and preferences.

Packing Your Pencil Case: What Goes in And What Stays Out?

Now that you are sorting out your school supplies, it would just make sense for you to stuff everything in your pencil case, right? WRONG! With so many supplies to choose from, it is important for you to pick the right ones to keep in your pencil case. This would however depend on what you will be doing at school. While there are accessories that encourage learning, others are, in most cases, not as useful or required.

So, what exactly should you pack for school? Let’s take a look!

Basic Supplies

Your pencil case must always have a:

If you are an elementary school student, then you will definitely require art supplies too to take part in creative activities like art projects, painting and drawing. Hence, you should consider adding the following to your pencil case too:

For high school students, calculators and protractors will also be required as well. In most cases, they would need a separate geometry box too.

Pack from The Largest to The Smallest

Start packing your pencil case with the items that will take up the most space. Place them at the bottom of the case. This includes protractors, scissors and calculators. Doing so will give you a base for the smaller items, including sharpeners, pens and pencils. Not only that, it will also give your pencil case a neater look.

 Make Sure That You Clean Out Your Pencil Case Regularly

With the passage of time, you will find your pencil case full of notes and pencil shavings. To keep it clean, it is important for you to throw out what you don’t need. Any broken crayons and pencils should be discarded along with dulling highlighters and markers. This way, your case will remain neat and tidy all through the year.

If you want to fill up your pencil case with practical and durable stationery items, then don’t forget to check our school stationery collection right away!

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School days are amazing and nostalgic, especially that first day when the school reopens after vacations. It brings with it the feel, excitement, hope and the promise that your child will study harder than the previous session. In short, the first day of school brings with it a new resolve that they'll do all they can to make this year more memorable, enriching and fulfilling. More than that, the new day at school requires you to equip your child with the essential items that he/she will need all through the year.

As a child, if there was something that I looked forward to at the start of the new school year, it was that of my trip to the stationery shop!. If anything, my father loved collecting stationery, so it was a ritual that got both of us equally excited! Those colorful erasers, artsy mechanical pencils, innovative sharpeners, brightly colored arts & crafts material and the irresistible notebooks and school bags all laid out on the shelves – a sight we simply couldn’t have enough of. Even just writing down this list has got me reminiscing about those beautiful, care-free childhood days where all I wanted to do upon going back to school was , catch up with my buddies & eventually  show off my new stationery items to my friends & admire theirs!

Now, irrespective of whether you visit a stationery shop, or choose to shop online, it is important for you to let your child choose their preferred stationery items as he/she knows what teachers have, or would ask for. It's going to be an exciting visit so get ready and stay focused:

The Minimum Essentials

These are stationery items that will come in handy in every class. Also, these are the minimum that every child, including yours, should have for them to do well in about 80% of their lessons at school. Having these stationery items will help your kid do their homework and manage the first few weeks at school with ease. Hence, the minimums would include:

According to the subject

It is important that your child has all the stationery items according to the subject. In any case, arts and crafts teachers typically ask their students to bring a variety of stationery items ranging from coloring pencils, stencils, glue guns and, or adhesives, and painting supplies to name a few. In terms of crafts, children will learn about many things during arts and crafts classes. Some common stationery items that your child will be asked to bring to school include:

Similarly, your child’s mathematics teacher would require them to have a geometry box containing a ruler, compass, protractor, a set square, graph paper in case the teacher asks for it, and a scientific calculator. So don’t forget getting your hands on these when stationary-shopping.

A variety of papers

Teachers ask children to bring different types of papers. These include loose A4 sized sheets of plain paper and graph paper. Sometimes, lined/ruled sheets are also required so make sure that your kids have those too. A basic checklist of papers would include the following:

Having all these as well as other stationery items will ensure that your kid doesn't have to ask around for these from their friends at school. Always pay attention to any stationery items your child needs and make sure to buy those as soon as you can. Keep your child up-to-date and well-equipped for school as it will help make them a keen learner and & motivated to strive ahead in their class.

Teach your child to stay organized

Considering the sheer amount of stationery that you are going to get for your child, it is vital for you to teach them to keep it organized. In any other case, they might end up losing bits of stationery every now and then. Teach them to keep their pencils, eraser, ruler etc. in their pencil case right after they are done using them. While you’re at it, don’t forget to get them a year planner, dividers and an A4 ring-binder to keep their loose papers organized.

A good way to maintain track of stationery supplies & re-order them on time is to maintain a small whiteboard/bulletin board in a common area of the house (e.g. kitchen) where in your children can keep writing what they would want or have run out of (parents can add in their requirements too!).

At an agreed interval of time (e.g. weekly) the list can be reviewed jointly by parents and children and the finalized list can be purchased over the weekend so that kids are armed with all the stationery supplies to battle out the week ahead in school!
Stationery has the power to stir up all types of emotions, from comfortable to creative. It’s alluring, addictive, and could in many ways be attributed to your success in many walks of life.

 “The visionary starts with a clean sheet of paper, and re-imagines the world.”
– Malcolm Gladwell, Canadian author, speaker, and journalist
“I put a piece of paper under my pillow, and when I could not sleep, I wrote in the dark.”
– Henry David Thoreau, American essayist, poet, naturalist, and philosopher

If these quotes fire up your inspiration to enhance your stationery collection, check out our Back to School supplies online @

Al Masam Stationery LLC has you covered!

Comments | Posted By Ahmed AL Masam

Back to School with Al Masam

Wednesday, September 19, 2018 8:35:39 AM Asia/Dubai

It's that time of year again!

We can see children and young adults eagerly checking out stationary and school supply aisles.

I was a student a very long time ago. However, it's still true that no matter what store I go to friends and family are bound to find me wandering through the "magical" aisles of school/office supplies.

Its universally agreed upon in the student community that it's as much about style as it is about functionality! I mean who doesn't want to be equipped with the latest and greatest in school supply inventions!

A colorful binder, smoothly flowing pens, inspirational notebooks and a shiny new bag back are all the excitement or motivation when you're on your way in the new school year.

So, we can safely say that an upcoming school year means more school supplies.

At AMS, we promise to offer a huge selection of back to school supplies that are unique, easy to use, of high quality and long lasting.

We are proud to say that our purchasing team is tasked with rounding up items that you like at the prices you like. Our range includes products that have been relied upon by generations of students young and old and we are vigilant about maintaining those high standards of merchandize and service.

Whether its intimidating for you or not your back to school transition will be made smooth with us at AMS.

What's your favorite back to school must have?

AMS (Al Masam Stationery)

Comments | Posted By Ahmed AL Masam

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