Back in the days, lunch boxes and water bottles weren’t a big deal at all. Parents would simply pack lunch in a container and add in a disposable water bottle for the child to take to school. At the end of the day, both the bottle and container were discarded and a new one would be packed for school the next day.

Things have however changed with the passage of time and now we see parents actually conducting research on the different types of water bottles and lunch boxes for their kids. They are interested in ensuring affordability, quality materials and that both the supplies are eco-friendly and reusable.   

Children are on their own when at school so they should be able to use their bags, lunch boxes and water bottles. This signifies the need for the school supplies that you provide them to be easily operable. The child must be able to open, use and close it properly without seeking help. During the warm summer months, children feel thirsty and need to stay hydrated from time to time. This calls for them to open and close the bottle repeatedly multiple times in a day. Despite rough use, the bottle should operate properly and stay functional.

Moreover, considering the consistent use of plastics and other harmful materials among school suppliers, children must be provided with supplies that are made of hazard free materials. Go for water bottles and lunch boxes made of materials that don’t start to malfunction after a month’s use. Make sure that the new lunch box and water bottle of your child has the following:

Materials used

Lunch boxes and water bottles made out of plastic are a big no for a variety of reasons. Bottles and lunch boxes that are manufactured with plastic often contain harmful chemicals such as BPA, phthalates and epoxy that is used to join different sections and stop leakage. Once the water touches these, it shares minute quantities of harmful chemicals and children end up drinking it. Same goes for lunch boxes, as plastic boxes may contain similar contents that cause harm to the food that the child eventually consumes.


School kids must be provided with accessories such as bottle and lunch boxes made out of steel, have provisions for leak protection, and are properly insulated to avoid leakages and it also helps in maintaining the water temperature inside the bottle. Thermoses and flasks with internal glass coating assure excellent insulation and protection against leaks.


It is best to give your child bottles and lunchboxes that are made of durable materials but are lightweight. Lunch box must have enough space inside and having compartments would be more beneficial. Each compartment can carry different food items that your child can enjoy during lunch interval. The lightweight of the box will help the child carry it easily without feeling tired.

Easy to clean

Whenever you decide to buy lunch box and water bottles for your child – make sure to buy those that are easy to clean. This will save you considerable time and effort during the day.

Last but not the least, make sure that you keep your child’s likes and dislikes in mind when choosing between multiple options. Remember, your child has his own personality and the supplies you get for him has the power to resonate his personality amidst his school buddies. Not only that, if your child likes the design of the lunch box and water bottle, he may even be a lot more excited to use them!

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