It's that time of year again!

We can see children and young adults eagerly checking out stationary and school supply aisles.

I was a student a very long time ago. However, it's still true that no matter what store I go to friends and family are bound to find me wandering through the "magical" aisles of school/office supplies.

Its universally agreed upon in the student community that it's as much about style as it is about functionality! I mean who doesn't want to be equipped with the latest and greatest in school supply inventions!

A colorful binder, smoothly flowing pens, inspirational notebooks and a shiny new bag back are all the excitement or motivation when you're on your way in the new school year.

So, we can safely say that an upcoming school year means more school supplies.

At AMS, we promise to offer a huge selection of back to school supplies that are unique, easy to use, of high quality and long lasting.

We are proud to say that our purchasing team is tasked with rounding up items that you like at the prices you like. Our range includes products that have been relied upon by generations of students young and old and we are vigilant about maintaining those high standards of merchandize and service.

Whether its intimidating for you or not your back to school transition will be made smooth with us at AMS.

What's your favorite back to school must have?

AMS (Al Masam Stationery)