The month of August generally marks the onset of schools re-opening and prepping up for the new academic year ahead. A pencil case seemingly symbolizes to be the least of your worries as a parent at this time, however in truth it is one of the most vital & basic support system to equip your child with, as it faithfully withstands pressures of all kinds. From being stuffed & tossed into a school bag upon hearing the last school bell to mischievously clonking a fellow classmate’s head with it, a pencil case truly endures a turbulent ride in a student’s life! If anything, choosing the right pencil case is one of the most important stationery decisions you will ever take as a parent. Not only is it a space for you to keep your pens, pencils and other stationery items safe, it is also going to be the main feature of your desk all through the academic session.

If truth be told, the utilization of a good pencil case has a number of benefits to offer. To begin with, it makes for an orderly backpack, while ensuring that the supplies packed within it remain in good condition. However, you need to decide which pencil case would work best for you at school. There really aren’t any rights and wrongs here. But there are certain elements that would help you pick the right pencil case for yourself. These include:

Its size

When considering the size of the pencil case, you also need to consider the writing utensils that you will need to take to school. Do you need just a few pens, or do you require pencils, highlighters, pens and color pencils too? Choose a size accordingly.

Its Material

There are multiple options available in this regard from soft and squishy ones to sturdy wooden ones. Remember, while wooden boxes tend to last longer, it is easier for them to get contaminated with bacteria. For kids, soft and squishy pencil cases that are regularly cleaned out are the right choice.

Its Style

There is literally no need for pencil cases to be dull and boring. With so many options to choose from, you can easily pick the craziest and funniest ones as per your liking and preferences.

Packing Your Pencil Case: What Goes in And What Stays Out?

Now that you are sorting out your school supplies, it would just make sense for you to stuff everything in your pencil case, right? WRONG! With so many supplies to choose from, it is important for you to pick the right ones to keep in your pencil case. This would however depend on what you will be doing at school. While there are accessories that encourage learning, others are, in most cases, not as useful or required.

So, what exactly should you pack for school? Let’s take a look!

Basic Supplies

Your pencil case must always have a:

If you are an elementary school student, then you will definitely require art supplies too to take part in creative activities like art projects, painting and drawing. Hence, you should consider adding the following to your pencil case too:

For high school students, calculators and protractors will also be required as well. In most cases, they would need a separate geometry box too.

Pack from The Largest to The Smallest

Start packing your pencil case with the items that will take up the most space. Place them at the bottom of the case. This includes protractors, scissors and calculators. Doing so will give you a base for the smaller items, including sharpeners, pens and pencils. Not only that, it will also give your pencil case a neater look.

 Make Sure That You Clean Out Your Pencil Case Regularly

With the passage of time, you will find your pencil case full of notes and pencil shavings. To keep it clean, it is important for you to throw out what you don’t need. Any broken crayons and pencils should be discarded along with dulling highlighters and markers. This way, your case will remain neat and tidy all through the year.

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