“If I were a criminal, stationery stores and bakeries would be the two kinds of places I would concentrate on.” – John Turturro, Italian-American actor, writer, filmmaker

Every business requires basic and fundamental necessities to prosper, survive, grow, and expand within a certain amount of time. Some of you might think that perfect strategic planning and strong leadership is all that businesses perhaps need these days to mark the perfect start and grow with the passage of time. However, before even all that, you need to assess the tools/resources needed to make the cog-wheels of your flagship to start rolling ahead in the market, and your office stationery is the one under-estimated tool that actually helps you get there! Like several others, you might also consider stationery an irrelevant and baseless requirement for the growth and success of a company; however, the truth of the matter is that sometimes, even the smallest gestures and minute things like customized and creative stationery can make a big difference to the growth of the organization. Therefore, it is not always necessary to go for something huge and extravagant right at the start of your business venture because chasing the giant might end up making you feel incapable and worthless - that is certainly not what a fresh entrepreneur with zero experience in business would want, right?

One of the most powerful and influential writers, Charles Dickens said, “There was something comfortable in having plenty of stationery” and we cannot agree more to this idea because without stationery, it would be impossible for people to pour out their visionary, creative, innovative, and sometimes profit-making ideas on paper. Consequently, every business setup should have office stationery essentials that are likely to be consumed in daily business operations. Here are some of the basic office essentials in terms of stationery items that must be present in every office.

Rough work pads and notebooks:

It is rather normal for people to assume that papers, diaries, notebooks, and rough-work-pads are no longer required in the offices these days as ideas can easily be poured down on the laptop, computer, and other electronic and technological gadgets available so commonly. However, the majority of people with creative and intellectual powers would agree with the fact that only stationery has the power to stir up ideas. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that every creative mind at your workplace would want the stationery to kick and toss ideas around.

Clip boards, binders, and files:

Have you ever been to some of the best and most reputable business organizations and thought how everything in their office is likely to showcase and reflect their vision and objective? Certainly, after seeing customized folders, pins, tags, and files you might have thought that there is something extraordinary for every business setup in owning a set of customized stationery. Thus, we must say that every big and small business should have essential and customized office stationery items including files, folders, tags, etc. More so, how else would you expect your employees to organize their documents?

Pens, pencils, and correctors:

How irritated would you get if you want to pour down new and mind-blowing ideas and don’t have a proper notebook or pad to write on? Wouldn’t you get frustrated when you want to make things more prominent and visible on paper and don’t have the right highlighters, or simply want to use various colors in your paper presentation and don’t have markers? Surely, there is nothing more vexatious and irksome than experiencing such moments while working. For this reason, ensuring the presence of some of the most essential office stationery items including pens is important for every organization.

Writing accessories:

There is nothing more irritating than not being able to find some writing instruments and accessories while working on an important project. It is mandatory for the administrative and management department in every office to make sure that the workplace is equipped with all important and useful writing products and accessories

Adhesive materials:

All working professionals would agree with the fact that time and again Glue stick, paper clips, pins, and binders form a very integral part of the daily office needs, else otherwise it would be impossible to compile papers together. Therefore, adhesive products and stuff that can be used for the compilation of documents should be present at your ready disposal.

Reading-friendly products:

If your work demands intense reading, then you must know that buying reading-friendly products and stuff like magnifying glasses, book ends, and magnetic products is important for you. By doing this, you will be able to complete the task of reading without getting irritated, exhausted and tired.

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