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Suggestion / Donation Boxes

  1. Glosen Suggestion Box with Lock

    Glosen Suggestion Box with Lock


     Material: Aluminum frames + MDF + Acrylic Door with key lock with big notepaper entrance.
    Aluminum wall mount suggestion box/donation box
    Large spring loaded drop door for bulkier items
    The perfect way to lock and secure suggestions, ballots and mail
    Wide drop door 8-1/4" x 1"
    Plastic spring loaded push flap for drop
    Includes: Mounting screws wall mount, can be mounted on the wall with 2 screws plastic spring loaded push flap for drop dimensions: 10-1/8"w x 12-3/4"h x 4-3/4"d.
    Large drop door can accommodate thick envelopes wide drop door built-in lock includes 2 keys and keeps contents confidential.
    , Silver color, Medium Size, with accessories(2 unique keys, 2 metal screws, 2 Plastic expansion screws).
    Function: suggestion box, ballot box, donation box, drop box, charity box, comment box, advise box for indoor use, ideal for small office, customer service center, school, hospital, restaurant, hotel.
    Lightweight and portable, can be mounted on the wall with supplied accessories easily.
    Manufactured from the high quality material Wall Mounted, Mailbox, Donation Box, Drop Box for Small Office, Customer Center, School, Hospital, Hotel, Medium Size, Silvers
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  2. Glosen Aluminum wall mount suggestion box/donation box with Lock

    Glosen Aluminum wall mount suggestion box/donation box with Lock


    Lockable design to protect the safety of the files and documents inside.
    Aluminum alloy sides, fashionable, firm and beautiful.
    Transparent window, fashionable and elegant.
    Aluminum alloy sides, compact structure, hard to deformation.
    With a note box and pen holder, user-friendly design.
    The box can be hanged on the wall by using two screws back at the products. You can save space easily! 
    Size 220x210x290
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Buy Suggestion Box – Why does every workplace need a suggestion box?

Businesses and organizations that are looking at improving employee engagement often find a suggestion box invaluable. When an organization buys a suggestion box, they give out an indication that they are open to feedback, even if it is anonymously. From feedback regarding the policies to the working conditions to the colleagues, having a suggestion box can make employees more involved with the office process. Here are a few of the benefits that come with buying a suggestion box:

  • Improves communication between the manager and the employees
  • Enhances employee engagement and morale
  • Increases problem-solving and innovation capabilities of the employees

Buy suggestion box online – Benefits of buying a suggestion box online

Thanks to the advent of e-commerce, one can now buy a suggestion online. There are multiple benefits of buying a suggestion box online that include the likes of:

  • Gaining fresh perspectives in the form of suggestions and ideas from employees
  • Helping employees to speak who otherwise wouldn’t be confident to do so
  • Increasing productivity by assuring employees that they are being listened to
  • Fixing all the conflicts early by seeing the red flags beforehand through suggestions
  • Finding out about any dishonest activities by offering a safe window for whistle-blowers

Buy Donation Box – Buy donation boxes online to increase donations for non-profits

If you’re looking to bring in more funds, you must buy a donation box online. It is also important to state the purpose for which the money will be used. The success ratio of your fundraising efforts also depends on the type of donation box you use, where you place it, and how you manage it. Moreover, one can find different designs for donation boxes that cater to the needs that they are looking for.

Explore and buy a donation box online from Al Masam's Office Stationery collection at an affordable price to help your organization’s fundraising efforts. Good luck!

Suggestion Box or Donation box for Offices, Retail Shops, Schools, Hospitals and Hotels

Browse through our entire range of suggestion boxes that can be conveniently placed around your office space or working environment. Source for superior quality suggestion boxes or donation boxes from Al Masam - UAE’s leading verified wholesale stationery supplier.

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