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Hygiene Products

Hygiene Products

Equipping your workspace with Hygiene products - A Safety first approach

Going back to work can be a challenge with the pandemic looming above us. While many organizations are adopting the remote work culture, some require employees to be on-premise to get their job done. In such situations, it becomes necessary to help everyone stay healthy in the office while sharing a common workspace. It is important to be armed and equipped with hygiene products to keep infectious bacteria and viruses at bay. Sanitization of the office space and use of hygiene products is extremely crucial for the safety of every individual accessing it.

Keeping your employees and customers safe should be your top most concern. We can help you in this pursuit.

Buy hygiene products online for your workspace

In the digital age, it’s easy to overlook traditional world maps. However we cannot overlook the many benefits and the purpose they still serve in this digital age.

Here is a quick look at the supplies you will need to prioritise your workspace safety.

Disposable Daily Protective Mask - Disposable Daily Protective Masks are without question the most effective mechanism to prevent transmission of virus and bacteria.
Disinfectant Station - It is necessary to place Sanitizer and Disinfectant Stations at strategic locations to manage employee health and safety.
Spit Protection Counter and Stand - The spit protection stand offers employees, shop owners and customers the necessary protection against droplet infections.
Disposable Gloves - Disposable Gloves are some of the most commonly used safety and hygiene products to prevent cross-contamination.

Why are hygiene products essential for Offices, Shops and Hospitals?

A healthy workforce is a happier and more productive workforce. A healthy workplace also means workers take lesser sick leaves. Every workplace needs to be vigilant about using safety and hygiene products, not just for the sake of brand reputation, but also for the health and safety of their customers, employees and visitors.

Customers' shopping behaviours have changed over the past few months and hygiene is one of the top concerns. Ensure that you have your hygiene products in place to help them enjoy their shopping spree.

To be acceptable to patients, visitors and staff, hospitals too must have their safety and hygiene planning in line.

Buy Bulk Hygiene Supplies at an affordable price online

Shop for hygiene essentials like Disposable Daily Protective Mask, Disinfectant Station, Spit Protection Counter, Disposable gloves and more at Al Masam. We have a wide range of hygiene products and supplies that you can order online for your shop, mall, hospital, company or healthcare brand.

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